Renovation/ Extension and new deck Boambee -East January- May 2019

Renovation/ Extension and a new deck Boambee -East January- May 2019

  These client are having the back part of the house extended to create additional room inside. The outdoor area is truly experiencing a serious upgrade in terms of usable entertainment space. To re- work the existing space, lower deck was removed to make way for the extension. New roof-line was cut in. Existing roof line was raised to join with main roof line and to extend over new deck. During the project, clients loved the new effect the raised roof-line had created. So adjoining lower space was addressed and roof line was removed. New roof was pitched to match new verandah height, creating seamless verandah roof line. New Velux skylight were installed on the new Colorbond roof. This job is another example of  Works on a Cost Plus Basis Contract Coffs Coast Renovations prefer ( please visit HIA website for different NSW Residential Building Contracts) instead  giving a quoted fixed price. Client can monitor going expenses and add/ omit works as the project progress according to their budget. This project was a pleasure to manage and execute. It is always great to have good clients with a clear vision as well as a  prior understanding of the scope of works involved.