House Renovation Urunga NSW 2018- 2019

This lovely original cottage in Urunga was in need of a full renovation.

Demolition revealed solid hardwood framing throughout the house.Timber flooring was suitable for restoring in some of the rooms.

The existing wall panelling will be retained as a feature in the living area.

Full gutting of the rooms was the first task including installation of a beam between existing porch area into main living room. This created much needed light to pour into the home.

Existing aluminium windows will be replaced.

The other side of the porch will be utilised as an en-suite.

New decking and pergola constructed to spread the full length of the home and to wrap around back of the house will create outdoor entertainment space.

Project continuing in May 2019 with the focus on exterior cladding, new roof iron and interiors finished including new kitchen, main bathroom, laundry and en-suite.

This job is another example of a Cost Plus Contract where client can monitor the budget and add to the works as their targets are reached.